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If I am a guest, Will I have to stand up and say anything?


What happens during the church service?
While not every service is exactly the same we typically will spend around 25 minutes worshipping God in song. We will then have a time of prayer and exhortation; some announcements about upcoming events, receive an offering, and then a sermon is given with an opportunity to respond.

What can I expect during worship time?
We believe worship should be participatory, that is, that everyone is invited to worship God. That is why we display the words on the screen. You may see people lift their hands in worship, perhaps kneel during worship.
These are responses to God that are Biblical, that is, we are encouraged to do them according to Scripture. You may hear someone worship in what is referred to as ‘tongues’. 


What can I expect during the sermon? 
The Senior Pastor typically gives the sermon and attempts to share a sermon that is inspiring, thought provoking and relevant.  Without shame, it must be Biblically accurate, that is, everything said needs to be supported and agree with what is written in the Bible. The Bible is our standard for preaching and for living. It will generally be about 30 minutes long, followed by an opportunity to respond to what was spoken


What type of church is Clinton Valley Assembly of God?
Clinton Valley is a Pentecostal church that is affiliated with the Assemblies of God Worldwide. We are a General Council church which means we have Deacon Board that oversees the operations of the Church. That Deacon Board is elected by the members of this church, and is elected to support and advise the Pastor. We welcome the Pentecostal distinctive in our services and you may experience people being moved upon by the Holy Spirit to speak in tongues, give a word of exhortation, or prophesy.

Does Clinton Valley Assembly of God have a purpose statement?
Reach, Teach, Love, Grow. Read more about our core values

How do people dress for a church service?
We have no dress code at Clinton Valley Assembly of God.

What should I do with my kids?
We offer ministries for all ages at our main services on Sunday and Wednesdays.

How long has the church been in existence? 
The church was started in 1940 by 5 women whose names have been engraved on a stone plaque in the front of the church.

How are the church finances handled? 
The Deacon Board, elected by the congregation gives financial oversight to the church finances

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